Thursday, March 11, 2010

RAHMBO WASH! Rinse Away All Your Political Troubles!

Art by Jamie

Hi! Vince, here. I know I went a little nuts when I beat the hell out of that hooker in Miami. But I'm all better now, since the Democratic Party hired me. And boy have I got a product for you.

Having a tough time getting that last vote? Tired of making backroom deals only to see them evaporate and destroy your political career? Are you one step away from pushing your caucus over the cliff for the sake of a bloated government entitlement?

You won't be with RAHMBO WASH!

It's like a trip to Fort Marcy Park. It's like a drive over the Chappaquiddick with Ted Kennedy but without all the mess. It's like cheating on your taxes and getting away with it!

You see, regular poltical tricks don't work when 60 percent of the country wants your blood. This works scared or crazy ... even whenever selling your mother and strapping your children to the front of a locomotive just isn't enough.

This is for the Oval Office, the Blair House, Congressional chambers, your local townhall meeting!

RAHMBO WASH! cleans away twenty times the political troubles. Look at this! It turns a mild-mannered lameduck Congressmen into a ruthless lying flip flopper. It doesn't drip, doesn't make a mess. You water it down, lather it on Bart Stupak, and you've got your vote, abortion funding and all! And you don't even have to get naked with him in the shower!

It's made in Chicago, you know the Chicago Way always makes good stuff.

You can dump half into an old milk jug, use one to keep your no votes in line, use the other to convince a few Republicans to join your side!

SEIU workers, they use it to grease elections. Look at that! Completely stolen! Here's a bill that hasn't been written, dump some Rasmussen polls, Republican nos, and tea bags on it. Now that is going to smell. See that?

The most cleansing thing -- now we're gonna do this in real time -- look at this! Douse it on the bill, turn it over! Without even putting pressure, fifty percent of it's back to the Senate for reconciliation. The other 50 percent, it's passed with every party member in line!

I don't know, it sells itself!

Now, here's what were gonna do: if you call within the next 20 minutes, because we've been trying to sell this health care bill for a year, we'll throw in the RAHMBO Shower Gel and Scrubbie, both guaranteed to twist your adversary's arm, absolutely free! And we'll even give you a back shave.

You'll be saying I'll be getting cash with RAHMBO WASH! every time.

Here's how to order.


labcat said...

that guy's just creepy lookin' as hell. so's the salesguy.

Brooke said...

That's fantastic! LOL! 

Anonymous said...

LOL! That guy annoys the hell out of me. Great parody of him. :)

The Conservative Lady said...

Glad you're back.
This post is hysterical and you know it's going right over to the Facebook page.

Bunni said...

Hi Snarkey!  This is so funny, Rahm bo is one sick and twisted freak.  And these jerks should all be fired.  The Chicago River will be green next Wed., let's ship them out there and they can be dyed green to look more trollish! >:o

One Ticked Chick said...

"RAHMBO Shower Gel and Scrubbie."  That's a creepy visual.

Matt said...

I thought I saw this on TV late last night.  I attributed it to too much coffee and not enought sleep, but it does fit. 

Teresa Rice said...

The Rhambo wash really sucks.  Rahm is one corrupt and sick individual using Capone type tactics to force Obamacare down our throats. Fuck Rahm!

cbullitt said...

But wait...there's more.

Silverfiddle said...

That's good!  Thanks for the laugh!

Snarky Basterd said...

Thanks very much for stopping by, folks. I'm in Florida for the weekend, pretending to be shark bait. Posting will be sporadic at best. See you soon.

Woodsterman said...

I must be on the wrong page. I thought this was an ad for Rahm Wow. What ever your brand, it's all good for wiping or washing out the competition.

Sorry I'm late to the party, but my real life had me out of town until just a little bit ago. Welcome back you Snarky Old Basterd. :-P

labcat said...

ooh have fun." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140

The Liberty Pen said...

Excellent posting Sir. I wonder if he could smack Rhambo around like he did to that hooker.

MK said...

Sounds like those jackasses in charge already have plenty of it, they're ordering in bulk.

On a side note, did your blog disappear for a while, i was trying to access it the other day and it just said no blog.

My Site (click to edit) said...

This is hilarious! Love it.

King Shamus said...

Have fun in Florida, homie.  Enjoy the warm spring weather and don't get eaten by Jaws.

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