Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lie to Me (I'd Drop Dead if You Didn't)

You'd think in the information age politicians would, for once, just shut the fuck up and stop lying and own up to the damned truth. Oh, I'm sorry. For a minute there I was dreaming that they actually care what we think.

Never mind.

What a silly ass I am to fantasize that when The Wicked Witch of Congress said this -- “No major piece of major social legislation has ever been passed without the vote being partisan" -- she actually thought we'd believe it.

Or, as BigFurHat says,
She’s either stupid or a liar. Wait, what am I saying? She’s stupid and a liar.
After all, can't you spot the partisan legislation? It's all in the Political Math.

I'm going to do Jonnny Lang a grave disservice here, but then I'd rather hear him over the Botox Queen any day:

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