Monday, March 8, 2010

Thanks for Your Patience

I'm a retard. I don't mean that as any slight against anyone born with any disability, intellectual or otherwise. When they coined and defined that word, retard, they had a picture of me to look at, whoever they were.

I decided to take advantage of some down blogging time tonight and pull in some of the files I'd published over at Word Press, not all, just some of the posts that I most wanted to save, with the idea of deleting the Word Press blog. After all, even though I've told the Googlebots they're no longer allowed to play over there, Google will still penalize me for having the first 13 months of this site's life over there as well. (If you're new and confused: I left this little place and went "big-time" at Word Press in November, only to get my site hacked and whacked and hi-jacked, so I moved back over here in February.)

So I pulled over some posts and probably wasn't all that careful with stripping out the formatting from Word Press, meaning I just cut and paste into Blogger ... and low and behold, when the project was done, my Blogger template was whacked. The more I tinkered, the more, well, let's just say there was also a photo of me next to whoever coined and defined the term douchebag.

So here we are with yet another look, and I think, for the most part, I can live with it. Additionally, since sig94 put a post up this a.m. that is now buried, I'm going to give it a little update so it gets pushed back up near the top, under this one.

As always, thanks for your patience ... and thanks for reading.


Silverfiddle said...

I can sympathize, Snarky.  I have every html editor I've ever seen.  Google Blooger is the worst.  I use Google Docs, but that now has the bad habit of using 100% of the CPU.  Blogging is taking too much of my time, I'm trying to be more efficient, but technology id dragging me down, man.

Silverfiddle said...

I meant to say "I HATE every html editor..." dammit!

MK said...

html formatting can be a nightmare, hang in there snarky.

Always On Watch said...

Damn, I hate techie problems.

I know how you feel, Snarky, though I've never transferred posts from platform to platform.

labcat said...

dang if you're a retard then i must be anyway, hang in there. you'll get it sorted.

Woodsterman said...

Snarky, I really like your new look. I think it's the best yet. LOOKING SPIFFY ! :-P

Chicago Ray said...

Welcome to Back in Business. Gotta  keep plowing ahead. :)

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