Friday, March 19, 2010

Her Goal? To Be Fatest; My Goal? To Be Least Governed; Who Will Win?

Maybe if we send this lady some cakes she'll reach her goal and we'll get good karma and The Wicked Witch of Congress won't get her 216 votes.

Her goal is to make the Gunniess Book of World Records. Pelousy's goal is to re-engineer America and drag us all, kicking and screaming, into her boiling cauldron. My goal is keep these motherfuckers away from my property.

Who will win?

My optimism is waning, my anger growing.

You damned well know that, if they bring this piece of shit bill to a vote on Sunday -- while most of us of are enjoying early Spring and resting and reflecting, as God intended -- Pelousy has this un-Constitutional Rahm job in the bag.

So be it.

I'm starting to believe there will be riots in the streets if they do. I hope Congresscriminals, and the pResident, are ready for the backlash.

It'll be a reckoning like nothing they've ever seen.
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