Monday, March 8, 2010

Muslims Can Kiss My Ass

Excuse me while I move some files from the Word Press site over here so I can delete that thing forever. If you didn't see this before, now's your chance!

Previously published 12/3/2009

I’m in a pissy mood, and when I’m in a pissy mood I need a target. My target today is mooslems. Because they’re deserving of my pissiness.

The goat-fuckers, you see, infected Islam in Action, a blog by Christopher Logan, with malware, forcing Blogger to shut it down. The muzzies also took over Christopher’s other site,, and it now re-directs to some fetid bullshit site about “Islam is peace.” Being charitable, as those who follow the religion of blowing people to pieces typically are, the bastards also killed his computer with their malware.

So now Christopher had to buy a new computer, and he can’t grab the 1,000 articles he’s published over the past couple years and move them, like I did with the old Feed Your ADHD files. Nice of Blogger, owned by Google, to punish the infected and not the viral scum who did the infecting. Then again, Google’s trying tosuppress searches on ClimateGate, so why should they give a man back his content?

This is yet another reason, aside from Blogger being as functional as the pResident’s brain, why moving blogs to a paid domain and hosting service provides you with more security and control over your content (although I’m certain if push came to shove and Cass Sunstein told Wordpress to delete all conservative blogs, you’d find me sending you, my 3 loyal readers, my content via email).

So, let’s do Christopher a favor and send him some of that change jingling around in your pocket, using Paypal. Just drop his email address,, into the send field and pick an amount you wish to donate. After all, whether you’re fighting moonbats or mooslems, we’re in this together.

And, since you didn’t come here just to read an advertisement (if you’re even still coming here), I’ll leave you with this little montage …


Time and time again, Mohammad told his goat, Sharif, to stay away during prayer time, but Sharif, the naughty little basterd he is, couldn’t stop hitting that ass even if Allah himself walked into the room.

After the Sharif incident, Mohammad’s rear-end was sore, and, needing time alone to recover, he decided to go see what he thought would turn out to be his favorite new movie.


But all of the characters in the movie were infidels, and this angered Mohammad so much, he joined a group of peace lovers assembling outside the theater in a little discussion of culture.


The crowd grew as time went on, but unbeknown to Mohammad, the organizers passed out signs meant for a different group.


At first Mohammad worried he was soon going to meet his 72 virgins, secretly hoping they all looked and talked like Bawney Fwank. But after a while he realized who was pResident of the United States and knew he had nothing to fear. So he became carefree again and found Sharif, and the lovers went home for a little afternoon delight.




muhammed must be one ugly inbred crosseyed bowlegged bucktoothed retarded son of a bitch for these fools to want to kill u for imagining how ugly the son of a whore must be. tell u wht, i dont want none of u cowards burning my kids up while i am at work so how bout u send me an e mail, or send message to work if u wanna jihad wht i say.  emc, evergreen AL 36037, attn georgiana, how bout tht. i will contact u and we can meet to settle the issue. i am sick of u dusty butted crusty footed mothers. sorry, if u are a rational muslim i exclude u, other wise call me, contact me and let me and u discuss the issue. sik of u poosies wiring bombs and sneaking. be a man, lets meet face to face. or are u scairt muhammed would look like a beaver w/ poor genetics?

Matthew B said...

Extremist muslims can kiss my ass.

Anonymous said...


Muslim For Ever said...

We not gay baby just like you 

you pray for you wish 

<span>This is</span><span> </span><span>your style</span>
<span>Indicates a lack of</span><span> </span><span>your education</span>

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