Thursday, March 4, 2010

Naked Woman Tied To Tree In Tacoma Park Not A Problem

But that guy nearby wearing the Armani and taking a business call on his BlackBerry, now he looked suspicious so police hauled him in for questioning.

The line above is a figment of my imagination; the headline is not. In fact, I think the guy or gal who wrote that headline should retire; they'll never write a better one. Ever.

Here's the story:
TACOMA, Wash. -- Several police officers responded to a 911 report of a naked woman tied to a tree in Point Defiance Park in Tacoma.

Spokesman Mark Fulghum told The News Tribune officers talked with the woman and a man Tuesday in the Owen Beach area and determined it was a "consensual rendezvous."

No one was arrested.
The couple wasn't nearly as lucky as the pasties girl from Tacoma:
Pierce County prosecutors on Tuesday filed a misdemeanor charge of unlawful public exposure against a bikini barista spotted last year serving coffee while wearing only pasties on her breasts.

It’s the first time Pierce County prosecutors have leveled such a charge since some area espresso stand owners began requiring their baristas to show skin in addition to making drinks
But of all the naked stories floating around the innerwebz, this one probably has the most potential to have ramifications: "No 10 denies naked Brown called aide the C-word," although lately Goordoom seems to be making a comeback in the polls.

Says Mark Steyn:
The second round of the hot new reality show? No, the prime ministerial nude had been trying to fix up some one-on-one face time with Barack Obama only to be rebuffed and having to settle for a hurried few minutes with the President in the aisle of the UN kitchen as they exited the big world leaders’ banquet in New York. Hence, his naked fury. You don’t have to be a G7 head of government to appreciate that that’s not the most helpful headline at this stage in the electoral cycle.
Maybe Gordoom was just gearing up for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual History Month.


innominatus said...

Naked hippies swinging from trees?  Of course that's no surprise to anybody that lives here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Woodsterman said...

Hey why not, when you're starved for ideas, tell naked stories. They're always a hit with me. :-P

Snarky Basterd said...

You northwesterners better keep your strange habits away from us here in flyover country. You can get kilt if yer not careful.

Snarky Basterd said...

Just keepin' it lose, Odie. All Obama all the time wears on the soul.

labcat said...

ouch. bark burn

Bungalow bill said...

It's a slow news day. Boy are my hits down! Naked stories are always good for hits.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

You've got sap on your genitals!  You've got genitals on the sap!  Can two great tastes go together?

King Shamus said...

The C-word huh?  That's a shame.

Gordoom should know better than to call a person a 'Contraption'.


j summ said...

that is a great idea. take the frau to the beach for a lunch date, then tie her naked to the tree. inexpensive and entertaining, with the added benefits of fresh air and sunshine.  as to the coffee bar, at least you wouldn't have to go far for milk.

Anonymous said...

Damn hippies!  I thought they were exterminated during the Reagan years!

Teresa Rice said...

Those nude hippies are so "gay."

MK said...

What exactly where they doing naked in a tree..... maybe we're better off not knowing. Damn nutjobs, what's the bet they're greenies and obama supporters.

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