Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kamikaze Democrats

"That saki sucking bitch is gonna kill every damn one of us!" -- Rep. Dennis Cardoza, D-CA , as he flies his vintage A6M Zero into a solid wall of taxpayer flak over the nation's capital.

The 500 kilogram economy-busting health care bombs slung under the fuselages of the Democrat's fleet of Zero's may soon be all jettisoned into the Potomac.

The legislation remains stuck in limbo, and there were fresh signs Wednesday of greater skepticism among some rank-and-file Democrats.

California Reps. Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa, both moderates who voted for the House-passed health bill, burst out laughing when asked about the issue's fate.

Democrats are "having great difficulty trying to figure out what the art of the possible is," Costa said, adding, "some of our colleagues want their wish list to be the art of the possible."

Progressive Democrats in the House are fighting to revive a proposal for the government to sell health insurance in competition with private industry. That proposal was left for dead months ago when it became clear it could not pass the Senate. The Progressive Caucus in the House renewed its appeal for the so-called public option, and Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., circulated a letter in support of the idea that has attracted signatures from about 120 House Democrats.

Cardoza and Costa scoffed at that.

"Those people are delusional," Cardoza said.

Meanwhile, back on board the Akagi, Rep. Eric Massa, D-NY, committed seppuku (literally "belly slitting") -- by resigning his Congressional seat after allegations surfaced that he sexually harassed his crew chief a male staffer, or maybe that was a male stripper. Ohhh, those crazy dems.


Bungalow Bill said...

I would hope enough Democrats care about the future of this country to realize what futher government spending on this level is going to do to our country.

Matt said...

A fleet of Zeroes, lead by a Zero! 

Woodsterman said...

She's my favorite Witch !!! :-P

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Is that an actual quote (the first line) from Cardoza? Saki sucking bitch! Oh my! What an insightful post. We wish we could be a fly on a wall sometimes, but then find they actually talk like this about one another. Very refreshing and very promising.

Snarky Basterd said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure it's made up. sig94 will have to weigh in for the truth to come out.

sig94 said...

I have a very active imagination and I don't like saki.

MK said...

Just pray that enough of those worthless bastards love their jobs more than they hate America. We all know they hate America and want to screw you over for eternity, so the only thing stopping them from passing obamacare is the fear of losing office.

Once again let me tell you Americans from bitter experience that once you have socialized health, you'll never get rid of it, you can vote out the scumbag democrats, but you'll never get rid of socialized health. It'll be like a vicious case of herpes, you'll only be free of it when you're dead.

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