Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obama Invited to Give New Gettysburg Address

Give me a fucking break. Via Allahpundit
One town is already banking on President Obama's re-election: Gettysburg, Pa. Looking ahead to July 2013, organizers of the 150th anniversary of the decisive three-day clash between Union and Confederate forces have extended an invitation for Obama to deliver his own Gettysburg address, we hear. "That would be really cool," says Gettysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau President Norris Flowers. "I expect that."
Excuse me while I vomit because I can hear him now:
Four years ago you peasants put me in charge of your lives and my administration brought forth a new America, conceived in my image and dedicated to the proposition that only some people -- mainly those who worship me -- are created equal.
I loved that place. I've walked Pickett's Charge. Twice, each time more amazed by the audacity and bravery and stupidity it took to rush headlong into such a death. I was planning on taking my kids there at some point. Forget it, now. If this is the thought process that goes on up there, my money would be better spent on Ken Burns' The Civil War DVD.

At least Zero can't ruin the original address, no matter had badly he screws this country up ...

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