Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Obama Coffeebags* America

Image via Michelle Malkin

"Everything's been said."

"The debate is over."

"I don't see how another year of negotiations would help. Moreover, the insurance companies aren't starting over."

"The time to act is now."

More than a year after summoning Congress to act, Obama said, while introducing the 7,490,592nd iteration of Obamacare: "This is where we've ended up."

Right at the gates of the eighth circle of Hell.

P.S. Check out how the Zombiecrats plan to roll out this latest monstrosity, at Right Klick's Obamacare Strategery.


A spin-off of teabagging, the dipping of one's posterior onto the face of a lying-down victim.

Like teabagging, coffeebagging is often employed in first-person shooting games such as Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2, where a player will squat over the body of a player who he/she has fragged. Hence the second player was "coffeebagged."

Halo 2: "You were coffeebagged by Chris

Chris: "I like coffeebagging"
And now the Conservative description of members of the bitter Coffee Party.

BTW: Remember when Obama said Zombiecrats shouldn't use reconciliation to pass Obamacare? Yeah. We shouldn't have expected him to honor that promise either.


Woodsterman said...

Snarky, slow down, I'm depressed enough already.

Snarky Basterd said...

I can't slow down, Odie. I'm kind of switching up the kind of content I do for a while: Snarky News. I'll still mix in some satire now and then, but my time is better spent blogging this way, I think. We'll see how it turns out.

Euripides said...

<span>Conservatism and the Tea Parties actually contributed to derail Obama's plans for a year. That's pretty impressive in and of itself. Pelosi's losing her core base of support. If the Dems use reconciliation for this bill, they're only biting themselves in the butt. Keep fighting. It ain't over yet.</span>

Matt said...

Eighth Circle of hell...isn't that where Satan shits on his followers?  There is some consistency here, I think. 

The coffee parties are going to fail, and I'm going to lol.

Anonymous said...

I passed by a tv when he was speaking and I thought they were replaying an old speech.  He's said all this crap already!!!

LC Aggie Sith said...

This is all down to EGO... they still remember what happened in '94, and they cannot bear the thought of failing again. This is why Pelosi is insisting on the dems passing it, even if they lose their seats. This is why several dems are retiring, so they can vote "Yea" and not deal with any repercussions.

A friend of mine joined the so-called Coffee Party. Upon enquiry, she replied it was so the tea partiers and others could get their voices heard. I told her we were being heard quite well, seeing as the founder of this "Coffee Klatsch" is an ardent Obama supporter. My friend could not find a suitable reply to that ;)

MK said...

<span>"The time to act is now."</span>

Yeah, yeah, whatever, we were told it was too late to act on global warming years ago, and we're all still kicking and screaming. It's all bullshit, just tripe they hope to use to pass these desperately-needed measures. Measures i'm sure will only actually kick in after divine Totus is into his second term.

Always On Watch said...

BHO is a liar and a hypocrite!

I can't recall a time when politics was so much in the cesspool.

How can anyone now even think about trusting BHO?

Always On Watch

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