Sunday, March 14, 2010

O Lord Obama ... Where Art Thou?

You know the Dems are going for broke when the 9,492,946th time they're about to pass Obamacare needs a little help from the nation's number one Democratic Party propagandist ... because apparently The Lord Cometh, right there, today, all over the pages of the New York Slimes. Via JammieWearingFool

Interestingly, I asked Wild Thing #1, my 8-year-old, what he saw in that image. "Umm ... a cross." What does it mean, I asked. "They think he's God." Is that good? "No. He's not even close to God." Does that mean he's not very religious or that he's not very God-like? "Both."

Too bad the generations that came before my son didn't recogonize what an 8-year-old clearly does. Maybe there is still a chance for "hope and change."

(Quick post from Tramp Stamp Beach, in South Florida. More to come soon, upon my return.)
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