Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DAMN! I'm Not Hateful Enough

Earlier today I saw the following posting over at Jim Treacher's place:

There's nothing like making a new fan!

Just knowing that people care is the important thing...

Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 03:19:54
From: David Mathews [dmathew1@yahoo.com]
Subject: RepubliKKKlan ?

Hello Jim Treacher:

I just visited your sewer of a blog ...


And I would like to know how such a hate filled person as yourself can sleep at night.

Your blog will serve to remind people exacly [sic] what the RepubliKKKlan party stands for and thereby guarantee the extermination of the religious fundamentalist racist party.


David Mathews

Now...being a plucky guy and a bit of a rascalian, I decided to send Mr. Matthews an email:
To: dmathew1@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, August 4, 2009 3:00:34 PM
Subject: I have a hate-filled sewer of a blog, too. Care to visit and send me a nasty email?

Apparently, however, my place isn't hateful enough because Mr. Mathews had this to say in response:
Hello Dr. Dave,

You can [sic] that a hate-filled blog? What you write is pathetic weeping, not hate.


David Mathews
Well, I'm relieved it's not a sewer (that would be over at the White House garden).

I really don't think Mr. Mathews stayed around long enough to read what the Daily Kossacks had to say about me, or to call me a racist for this or this.

I'm also pretty sure his spellcheck was working when he sent me the email...although his half-assed attempt at snark could have used some proofing, and he certainly didn't spell well when he emailed Treacher.

Was his brain working
? Not so much.

I'm NOT hateful. I write "pathetic weeping." Funny...I thought weeping constituted tears. Do I "write" the tears that stream down my face...when I'm laughing my ass off at Obugger's stupidity?

You know how when you're talking to a moonbat and they say something nutty that only an extraterrestrial would say and you just want to slap them but, instead, carefully respond with a basic fact, such as:

The Zombiecrats have a huge majority and they can't even decide on being collective (ie, socialist) enough to get their own damned legislation passed?

To which, of course, the moonbat responds:

Oh...you're just a sore loser. It's BUSH'S fault!

Yeah...Mr. Mathews gives me that feeling. Thanks for the laughs.

BTW, dude: Your music sucks.


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