Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BHO Pet Peeves From Today's Twitterverse

Every once in a while someone comes up with a good "twitter game," a copycat train with a term like bhopetpeeves preceeded by a hash tag and some snarky comment. Naturally, when it's good, the twitterverse joins in (at least, the conservative twits, that is).

Today was one of those good days. Here's my contribution, such as it is:

Flies that swat him #bhopetpeeves

Paying for date night #bhopetpeeves

Not being able to flag his neighbor #bhopetpeeves

Anything that comes out of Joe Biden’s mouth #bhopetpeeves

Mobacca saying: Barry, STFU #bhopetpeeves

South American dictators who scold him #bhopetpeeves

A broken TOTUS #bhopetpeeves

Having to write his own books #bhopetpeeves

Having used his birth certificate to roll a fatty #bhopetpeeves

When Ted Kennedy says, “I’ll drive.” #bhopetpeeves

Being called a racist #bhopetpeeves

RT @cprater Black Conservatives #bhopetpeeves

IQ tests #bhopetpeeves

Rasmussen daily presidential tracking polls #bhopetpeeves

Having to take the blue pill #bhopetpeeves

Robert Gibbs saying "Ahh" more times in a sentence than him #bhopetpeeves

Knowing Helen Thomas doesn't like him either #bhopetpeeves

Not being able to golf 12 hours a day #bhopetpeeves

People with immunity to single-payer health care #bhopetpeeves

Having to earn his pay grade #bhopetpeeves

Town hall mobsters, The Wicked Witch of Congress’ Nazis, and Harry Reid’s evil mongers #bhopetpeeves

When the folks who created the mess do a lot of talking #bphopetpeeves

1-20-2013 bumper stikers #bhopetpeeves

When the WSJ says he needs to move right #bhopetpeeves

Looking like the joker on thousands of posters #bhopetpeeves

Jesse Jackson wanting him neutered #bhopetpeeves

Turtle tunnels that don’t get built #bhopetpeeves

Teachable moments that backfire #bhopetpeeves

When the economy isn’t so rescued #bhopetpeeves

Susan Boyle bumping him from NBC #bhopetpeeves

When Google hits for “economic depression go up #bhoppetpeeves

Obama collectible crap no one wants #bhopetpeeves

Lead in his vegetables #bhopetpeeves

Being called Muslim #bhopetpeeves

Being called Obugger in print #bhopetpeeves

His granny being allowed to get a new hip #bhopetpeeves

Having a beer with Sean Hannity #bhopetpeeves

Car companies that don’t need bailouts, banks that don’t want bailouts, and voters who can’t wait for 2012 #bhopetpeeves

Getting caught looking at a 16-year-old rear-end #bhopetpeeves

When Bill Clinton tells him how much fun the flight back from North Korea was #bhopetpeeves

Gordon Brown giving him DVDs that don’t work in America #bhopetpeeves

Please go ahead and continue in the comments section what I didn't get to here....


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