Monday, August 3, 2009

The Big Chicken No Likey Obama

A nice little poster is starting to go around. Nickie Goomba points out they've appeared in Los Angles. Moonbattery says they show the snickering has started.

One popped up in Atlanta (well, Marietta, really), on The Big Chicken, possibly the only Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant (that's KFC for the youtube generation) with a Wikipedia page.

I just think it shows people are finally waking up to what we've known all along: We have a crazy lying-ass joke of a socialist for a president.

UDPATE 8/4/2009: So I drove by this a.m. with the Caravan, and, indeed while The Big Chicken is as real as sunlight, alas there ain't no Obugger Joker poster on it. But, like Opus #6 says in the comments: It ought to be.


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