Friday, August 28, 2009

Lightning Sucks

Did I ever tell you how much I friggin' HATE living in Georgia?

Right after we bought this POS house in 2007, we had a heavy downpour with lightning. The garage (basement) flooded, my HDTV got zapped, and the new garage door opener I installed turned into a little ball of melted plastic, which I had to extricate from the ceiling with a jackhammer. Not really, but the line fit the story, so...

Last year, a power surge during a T-storm with 742,999,874 strikes of lightning in the metro Atlanta area took out my cable modem, my VOIP TA, my router, my Sling device for routing the innertubes to the man/blogging cave, and my wife's Ethernet card.

Just the other day, we had another T-storm, this one with only 48,591, 395 strikes of lightning, that graciously took out only my NEW VOIP TA and fried my wife's computer so good that the hour glass on startup sticks around like a 42-year-old kid who's never moved out.

So if you wonder why I'm not friggin' here, you now know that all 2 of my mechanical fingers are raised toward the heavens in hopes of getting struck by lightning, while the rest of my digits are busy rebuilding my network, complete with a POS new HP laptop I got for the missus that won't download all kinds of software because, well, Vista sucks, and so does Bill Fucking' Gates.


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