Monday, August 10, 2009

To My Marietta Reader

You've spent in toto, or roughly, 5 to 6 hours here since Friday...and counting.

Yeah. I'm watching you watch me. And I'm wondering.

Would you like me to answer any questions?

Perhaps about what a right-wing extremist wears to bed (hint, it's cashmere and made by people who work in overseas sweat shops)? Do I hang upside down when I sleep (hint, only when the sun is out)? Do I plug into El Rushbo's main CPU when I awake (hint, just to learn where the next town hall meeting is being held)? Do I press my Nazi armbands or send them to the Vietnamese for dry cleaning (hint, I get a happy ending either way)? Am I hatching a plot with my fellow right-wing blogger friends to throw feces at the president as he tries to play the links at his (OUR) $29 million vacation rental at Martha's Vineyard? (Hint, you need to get a life.)

Do I eat young children or keep them in cages in my basement, letting them out only when I need them to fetch a clean towel (hint, it depends on if they've been able to earn me 150% return on any given day)? Do I really have 7,001 gold bars, and do I really hate evil national health care for all (hint, I actually have 12,356, but most are undeclared; and, yes, I'm the terribly stubborn fact that Obugger's been warning you about)?

I can answer many, many questions. Send me an email to let me know who you are. The address is in the sidebar.

I'd at least like to know who is trolling me.

UPDATE: So...I'm a little late in getting this update up, what with a boring company meeting and then a not-so-boring liberal witch burning to attend: There is no troll. We have a new reader here. You can find that new reader raising their hand in the comments section.

So...once again...Dr. Dave needs to go back and do some continuing education in the practice of political medicine, so my powers of perception are focused on the right people: Moonbats.


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