Friday, August 14, 2009

The Parents and the Children

I’m certain that I’m not the only person that has noticed that the liberals tend to act like petulant children when they “don’t get their way.” One has to look no further than the recent happenings in the NY State Legislature to see how far we have fallen.

So what’s going on? Why has does the left descend into tantrums when reality intervenes and ruins their plans? Why do they deny others the right to speak by shouting them down? Why do so many adults abandon reason and self-control when life throws a wrench into their works? What happened to the work ethic? Why do so many people think, or DEMAND, that the nanny state should care for them? These are all questions we have asked. I would like to offer an explanation.

For those of you that have children, or work with children, have you ever tried to talk to a tantruming child? Have you ever talked to a teen that thinks they know everything, and facts and reason simply don’t enter into their thinking? Have you ever tried to debate a liberal? Are you seeing the connection? That’s where we are, in my opinion. We are dealing with people that haven’t grown up yet, or never will. How else might you explain that liberal protests often end in vandalism, rioting, and abuse of others? I mean, I’ve never seen Conservatives so angry as there are now, but there was one arrest in all of the April Tea Parties, and to my knowledge, none for the ones last weekend. I can’t imagine that happening at a rent-a-mob protest, say, at the G20. What’s the difference?

When a child is told “no” they have a number of options on how to react; they might pitch a fit, they might cooperate and get over it, or they may sulk and become passive aggressive, among others. If the child pitches a fit, and it succeeds in achieving their goal, they will continue using this response until life intervenes and makes that behavior ineffective or unprofitable for them. Doesn’t their reactions to losing a vote, or demanding a result, look like temper tantrums? Also, if organizations, governments, or individuals “cave in” when the liberals whine, threaten, and protest; you might suspect that they’ll do it again. After all, it worked all those other times!

You can apply this to economics as well. Think of the teen that badgers their parents for an extra twenty bucks to go to a movie, or the kid that expects that mommy or daddy should pay for their 20,000 text messages. They haven’t earned anything-they have no concept of the value of the labor that earned that sum. Doesn’t that sound like a microcosm of liberal fiscal policy? Daddy’s “magic wallet” becomes the “magic treasury,” where money appears as if from nowhere and is in limitless supply. “Who cares where it comes from, as long as I get mine!” The more I looked at it, the comparison become clear.

Let’s take a look at the media. How many times were the Tea Party crowds referred to in an insulting manner? I don’t mean using simple humor or an occasional joke either. It was brutal and persistent. Now, remember back to Jr. High. How did kids treat each other there? Any similarities? It wasn’t about making a joke that everyone could appreciate, it was meant to destroy the target. Now for Tea Parties round two, the media went back to ignoring or “shunning” the thousands that showed up to protest around the country. To me, that was kind of like the tween version of …”Let’s ignore that group over there because we don’t like them.”

Social policy ends up being a similar scenario. Liberals want to “normalize” all sorts of behaviors so they can do what they want. I’ve talked to quite a few people that wanted to legalize marijuana. Now, not every advocate of this is the same, but most of them, by my estimation, have no concern with the social consequences of this action. THEY JUST WANT TO LIGHT UP THEMSELVES! They are ruled by their passions and wants, not by ideology. When the liberals lose a vote, or discover that some people disagree with them, they don’t try to figure out what went wrong, or try to get their message out. They threaten, intimidate, try to get people fired from their jobs, disrupt church services, and so on. If a majority of the people disagree with them, they ignore that fact and attack, just like the tantuming child. In the end, and there are many more examples, much of the liberal social agenda is about removing restraints on behavior. It isn’t because of freedom or rights, it’s about “this is what I want to do.”

I have a very hard time relating to liberals. I now realize that there is a reason for that, and it’s not always ideological. Conservatives are the parents that say “no.” Liberals are the children that throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want. Having self-restraint is an alien concept to many of them, as a large number of them are ruled by their passions and emotions. Reason and logic aren’t apparent to them. They also can’t delay their gratification, so they want the “fix” from the government. Sometimes, it’s because they want “revenge” on the people that have self control, and as a consequence, are more successful they they are. I’ve talked to many liberals that take a lot of pleasure from the fact that the messiah’s policies will “ruin” people. At any rate, they want what they want, and they want it now, and we’re in the way. Since they are arrested in their own development, they act accordingly.

This is why we can’t understand them, and they can’t understand us. To them, we are the other kids that “aren’t popular.” So, they treat us as if we were other kids. We attempt to approach them as adults, with facts and information. This invariably fails.

I also believe that this is why liberals make such effective useful idiots. They are promised things by their controllers. They are promised security, less work, the “freedom” (license) to do what their heart desires, less responsibility, all sorts of benefits, and other nonsense. They then go out and act as the thugs and goons of the liberal movement. Little do they know that they are pawns and will be caught up in the tyranny with the rest of us, but then again, they aren’t able to look that far into the future.

Perhaps this will help us understand liberals. It won’t change their behavior, but it might help us deal with them.


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