Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Infamous "I'm a Democrat" Post Published in Temerity

Stop by Temerity magazine on Issuu, and you'll find the infamous I'm a Democrat piece on pp. 30-31.

For those who don't know, I say infamous because I pitched a pretty big fit around here earlier this week when I found out a blogger over at sodahead had found the piece, unattributed in her email, and embellished it. (Luckily she pulled her post after I soiled my panties, and as a result I pulled my hissy fit here.)

Maybe I should have chosen Dr. Drama for my pseudonym.

Anyway, click over to Grizzly Groundswell creator Chad Everson's Temerity magazine and give all 50 pages a read. You can download the entire issue as a PDF if you join Issuu (I don't know if I have to invite you to belong, so please drop me an email if that is the case and I'll invite you).

Oh...and I promise you won't get struck by lightning for stopping by.

(You can also read the original, which has been slightly adapted for Temerity, here.)


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