Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's New In Bill Clinton's Medical News

Former President William Clinton was hospitalized this afternoon; he was admitted to Columbia's New York Presbyterian Hospital after complaining of chest pains.

Famous for his legendary poor eating habits, doctors realized that ordinary measures would probably be defeated in the long term. Instead, they opted for something different; they inserted two stents of an experimental design into one of the President's coronary arteries.

In the above photo, a crack surgical team prepares the first of two surgical stents to be placed in ex-President Clinton's artery.

Nicknamed the "Bacon Double Cheeseburger Memorial Super Highway," these stents were manufactured for people with an LDL of 750 and over.


innominatus said...

Dude, the man's arteries must look like the inside of my garbage disposal

Karen Howes said...

LOL! Though I don't LIKE Slick Willie, I'm keeping a good thought for his recovery.

Fuzzy Taco said...

<span>In the story, it should be "LDL" instead of "HDL."  HDL is good cholesterol, LDL is the bad.  </span>

Snarky Basterd said...

Good point. It's a typo. And thanks for the catch. You'll note the correction above.

Bunni said...

Slick Willie is looking pretty good right now, compared to the scum bag we're stuck with now.
I hope he's ok, I'd kind of miss Bubba if something happened.  He should have armed guards
at the hospital room door, in case the Chicago thugs try anything.

Soloman said...

Funny stuff!

Hey.. I agree with Bunni. I was driving home and heard the news and my local talker was discussing that in contrast, Slick Willie is starting to look quite statesman-like and presidential.

Chubby-chick BJ be damned, at least he really understood when it was time to respect that the Republican Congress had a great concept, and he looks all the better for it. He constantly gets the credit for the budget surplus, but that was obviously all a result of The Contract With America.

Fuzzy Taco said...


Krispy said...

Bacon Double Cheeseburger Memorial Super Highway

People write LOL all the time, and it don't mean nothin'.  But that line literally made audible laughter come out of my face.  So, ALCOOMF.  I think there was a snort involved, too.

The new page looks sharp, my compliments to the Snarky one.  Updating my blogroll now.  And it's awesome that you guys are back at a URL that my company's IT guys don't block.  Then again, RSS and Google Readermight let me read damn near anything from anywhere, anyway, as I've only recently figured out.  So no matter where you guys go, I'll be stalkin' ya.

And by the way, the Monster Burger (pictured) is friggin' awesome.  It taste so good it's almost worth the crackling sound I hear in my chest after I eat one.

MK said...


Nice one.

On a serious note though, i sure hope he's alright, i mean what would the world do without slick willy, after barack hussein obama isn't he like the first black president and all that. Oh my how ever will we go on if he goes the way of murtha and kennedy.

sig94 said...

That burger does look good! One of my eat out favorites, though I very rarely order it for obvious reasons, is IHOP's bacon cheese burger with a fried egg on it. It's outta this world.

We are not supposed to wish evil on people, but 9/11 can single-handedly be hung around Billy Jeff's neck. The Sudanese had Osama all gift wrapped for the USA - ready to be shipped butt end up - but Billy Jeff refused the COD charges. For those 2,976 victims of 9/11, I say every day Billy Jeff is alive is another day where the fires of Hell are stoked just a little bit higher.

sig94 said...


Brooke said...

Damn, I'd eat that burger even if it meant certain death! 

Woodsterman said...

Poor guy is going to have to lay off the BJs for awhile.

Myself, I hear a double double calling me from  In and Out Burger.

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