Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Police Arrest Everyone on February 22nd" and Other Headline Gaffes

Were they working for Obama?

I used to write for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, back in the '90s, right around the time they started interleague play in Major League Baseball. The Cleveland Indians were in town to play the Pirates, and their pitcher, Bartolo Colon (pronounced cologne), pitched a two-hitter. Our Sports department used the following headline as the sports lead the next day: The Sweet Smell of Colon.

I wish I'd kept that edition, because small-town newspapers are way too much fun.

Here are some other newspaper gaffes I found over at a site I refuse to link to. You know ... the liberal hangout whose nickname sorta rhymes with stuffblows.

Oooh. She must have been good (but she sure doesn't look like it).

If his "therapy" is successful, I think playing with his own balls is just about the only way Tiger will ever get nookie again.

This might be the most truthful newspaper headline ... evah.

I'm betting he was a politician.

And I claim this site isn't filled with smut.

This definitely rivals "The Sweet Smell of Colon."


HoosierArmyMom said...

Damn, glad I don't live there.  Too bad they aren't talking about Congress and the White House!!!!

Karen Howes said...

LOL, classic, Snarky. I had a high school English teacher show us unfortunate phrasing like that. Of course we all loved it.

Woodsterman said...

You seem to have this thing about colons, Snarky

Anonymous said...

Red tape holds up bridge

My local paper had this one after election day:

Morrisville Dems beat off GOP foes

Brooke said...

News fail. LOL! 

Teresa Rice said...

Unfortunate phrases gone wild!  Tiger has been preoccupied with his balls. Did they arrest all the congresscriminals? One can hope.

Soloman said...

I lived in C-Town about the same time you describe... there was never a shortage of Colon jokes to be had, for sure.

I did a quick Google search.. thought you might enjoy this one too...

Soloman said...

Guess there's no neeed for the html in this comment format, eh?

Anyway.. there's a couple of funny ones on that link I posted.

cbullitt said...

I once read a piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette I wish I'd saved. In this case it was the sub-head that was the kicker (heh):
Man Killed After Motorcyle Hit By Train
Autopsy to determine cause of death

MK said...


Nice find Snarky, that make my day.

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