Saturday, February 20, 2010

UPDATE: What Hero?

I just got through reading the online suicide note of Joseph Stack, the software engineer who flew his single-engine Piper Cherokee into an Austin, TX, office building. Apparently he not only killed himself but took another person's life as well and injured a dozen more. And he missed the IRS office he was aiming at in the first. This was not only suicide but also murder and assault.

But before setting foot in the cockpit, he sets fire to his house - apparently with his family yet inside! Was he trying to kill them also?

Of course no one in their right mind will condone these actions; my intent is not to affix culpability- Stack alone is responsible for his actions - nor to flail away at the government, although there is a wealth of material to be covered there. I am more interested in the notion being bandied about that Joe Stack is some kind of anti-tax Tea Party hero.

He is not a hero, far from it.

He is also not deranged.

He is most certainly selfish, self absorbed, perhaps narcissistic. Any man who loves his family more than his own life would not have chosen the path he took. His hatred for whatever the government did to him should not have taken precedence over his concern for the welfare of his family. And his blind, breathtaking disregard for the lives of other people stuns me.

His actions are more like that of a spoiled child.

If Joe can't have his way, then Joe is going home.

And he is taking all his marbles with him whether they like it or not.

In retrospect, how bad can life be if you can afford to own and operate a Piper Cherokee PA-28 airplane to visit your clients?

ADMIN UPDATE: For the full text of Stack's suicide note, go here.


labcat said...

hell no, he's no hero, especially not a tea party hero because it's only going to make it harder for us "extreme right wing militia types", even though i heard (you hear all kinds of things so i'm not sure) he had been an obama supporter.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

I'm not saying that Joe's final action was right or wrong but I sure as fucking hell share his frustration with all things Governmental and I totally understand why he did it.

And I'm not the only one.

RIP Joe Stack.

MThompson said...

I live in Austin.  What we are hearing his is that he did something that so scared his wife and step daughter that they spent the night in the hotel,  and were not there when he set his house on fire.  Apparently,  he did not know that they had left. said...

GrumpyOldTwat wrote:  <span>"I'm not saying that Joe's final action was right or wrong..."  Well, I'll say it.  It was WRONG!  C'mon Grumpy!  We're all frustrated with all things gubmint!  But, our families, like-minded folks, and this nation still need us.</span>

Hell, we're all gonna die soon enough!  This guy was simply a nut-job that couldn't face the challenges in his own life.  I've seen this crap far too often...some imbecile that loves himself so much that he can hate himself that much...and take others out with him (because he hates everybody else, too).

I "understand" it alright.  He was a pussy.  He chose NOT to fight his own demons.

I agree that this guy's lunacy is probably going to be hung around the neck of the Tea Party crowd.  That's what the press does.

Joe just handed his (supposed) enemies a dookie-load of ammo.


silverfiddle said...

Good commentary.  I agree.  He is not a hero, but like GOT, I can sure sympathize and I sit in front of Turbotax and realize the federal government, without my permission, adjusted down my withholding, driving up the amount I have to pay back. 

Thanks Obama!  Save the nanny state bullshit for people stupid enough to vote for you! 

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks this guy is any kind of hero needs to see a doctor for themself.

Woodsterman said...

Ass wipes don't deserve my ink .... bye !

Matt said...

He's not a hero by any stretch of the imagination.  He was clearly mentally ill.  Lot's of paranoia there.  Some of his manifesto, which was rambling, seemed to indicate that he might have even been to the left. 

Red said...

I haven't heard or read anything about him being an Obama supporter. As far as burning down his own house, I had read that he had done that while his wife and kid were away (knowing that they were). I had read that the plane he flew was stolen and not his own.

Red said...

Okay, I just read the updates: It was his plane and his wife and step-daughter were inside when the house was set on fire. That man lost his damn mind completely. Not a hero. Not even close.

Snarky Basterd said...

I can cite chapter and verse:

HoosierArmyMom said...

My deepest sympathies go out to the man's family this nutbag murdered, and the families of the injured.  He was not only a nut, but he is a nut that took out a decent, productive man who was worthy of respect in his psychotic, rage driven act of stupidity!  Let him go down in history as the narcissitic LOSER that is burning in Hell right now, if there is justice in the after life.

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