Monday, February 8, 2010

Special Edition Toyota Prius

Oh, this is just too funny NOT to repost, from The Lakelander (via G.O.T.). It makes me want to run right out and ... buy a big fat gas-guzzling hog of a Ford pickup (well, bigger than the one I drive now, anyway).

So the broke-ass brake-less Prius' can bounce right off me.

Be honest.

It's what we're all thinking about the tree huggers' favourite vehicle and the tree huggers who drive them, ever since it was revealed just how easy it is to wrap one round a tree.

The Toyota Prius "Not So Bloody Smug Now" Special Edition.

Coming to a brick wall near you soon.


Matt said...

That thing would have a head-on collision with a squirrel, and LOSE!!

sig94 said...

Eat a heavy meal, swallow a few lugnuts, take a long walk and shit a Prius.
About six weeks ago I had to scrape a Prius from between the treads of my Ford.

Soloman said...

Hey Snarky B. - I'm trying to change your addy in my blog roll, but it keeps going back to Any idea what's up with that?

Snarky Basterd said...

I'm not really sure what's up, Soloman. It shouldn't revert to the WP ADHD site if you add this:

If all else fails, there's also the ATOM feed in the subscribe button at the top of the page. See if that works.

Soloman said...

Tried that, it doesn't work. That means anyone with Blogger won't be able to update your location on their blog roll.

Trying to keep driving you the mad traffic, bro...

Soloman said...

Worked it out.. updated through "blogs I follow" and checked the box by your blog name.

Traffic incoming!! LOL!!!

Snarky Basterd said...

Ok. I've done some research and restored my old blog, downloaded the posts I did through Dec. 5, and imported them in here. I think I need to go to WP and figure out how to get the posts I put up there from Dec through Friday from there, then import them in here, and then delete that bitch and the old bitch and then move on to higher ground from here.

I'll try what you did to see if I can add this site to my Bad Friggin' Hair blog. Thanks!

Soloman said...

I just followed up for the hell of it, and stuff's weird. I'm getting a link to a post from your blogspot page from November 5 last year, so you're showing up at the bottom of my blog roll.

But.. at least you're there?!?!

Your .com was giving me a virus alert last night. Something's pretty messed up over there, eh?

Damn, and all that work you did to make the transition.

Teresa Rice said...

Toyota is preparing cars for Nascar, the faster the better, but with no brake action. I guess Toyota is encouraging crash mania.

MK said...

Ok so the prius is driven by stupid lefties and a lot of hollywood celebrities. Toyota finds that its brakes are faulty endangering the occupants, so they institute an expensive recall.


Bunni said...

Yeah, it works!
Have you seen my latest video from Dazed?
I did a post, you'll LOVE IT!
Perfectly Snarky.

Bunni said...

The squirrell warriors will be victorious, Matt!

LC Aggie Sith said...

I'll be honest...I was laughing my ass off when I heard. :D

Snarky Basterd said...

I certainly will check it out today, B. Still going through all of the little tiny details that make moving a site ridiculously hard. All kinds of little things you have to do to get Google to find you and start crawling your site (particularly when you have duplicate content on another site) AND you've told Google in the past NOT to follow this site. I've got the blogroll updated and all of the old Blogger content (without comments) back in here and will need to repost some things from the Word Press site and then kill that thing.

But I DEFINITELY make it over to see Dazed's video (he sent it to me too, but I just haven't had time to get around to see things yet).

labcat said...

"Hey! He making fun of our car! He say our car is gay! It not gay, he gay! Let's get Godzilla to kill him!" ~Peanut (jeff dunham) lol

Woodsterman said...

The little woman needs a new car, so we're going to a Chevy dealer next week. It might be Government Motors now, but it's still American.

The Lakelander said...

I was wondering where all the traffic was suddenly coming from - and now I know!

Greetings from the English Lake District.

Great blog - I'll be back. I even see we use a very similar motto.

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