Friday, February 19, 2010

Healthcare Protesters Wield Pitchforks, Torches in CT

Tea baggers tea bagged the Connecticut Business and Industry Association this week, menacing the civic organization that provides health insurance to small businesses.

Carrying pitchforks and torches, the tea bagging cluster$%^ of labor unions and health care groups marched down Church Street in Hartford Tuesday night to let the state’s largest business lobby know that they want health care reform.

I guess these tea bagger wannabes never learned from real tea baggers how to do it right.

More here.

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labcat said...

i was really afraid to click on the "how to do it right" link.

lame. where did they find these guys? and isn't that a fire hazard or something? AND why are they protesting for health care at a business lobby group? they can't pass a law. that's just plumb embarrassing

Woodsterman said...

I'm sorry I couldn't watch the whole thing ... for they are SORRY !

Snarky, I got my sidebar blogroll to work now and you're back. That's how I travel to my favorite blogs. Sorry, but I'll be here daily ... you poor basterd.

Anonymous said...

All you had to say was that labor unions were involved.  Right behind Islamists, labor union partisans are the craziest, most self-righteous, unreasonable, dangerous fundamentalists out there.

Krispy said...

Ooops, that previous post about the unions as from me.  Forgot the from field.

Ron Russell said...

These guys had the wrong message and certainly the wrong method!

The Conservataive Lady said...

What did they have there...about 20 people?  What a sorry bunch...and they can't act either.

Barking Spider said...

What an embarrassing bunch of numpties, SB. =-O

MK said...

I still remember when obama was elected, the crowds that gathered absolutely trashed the place, but when the tea-party folks turned out, it was clean, peaceful and well behaved. Quite a contradiction isn't it.

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