Friday, August 6, 2010

FYADHD Named Top 40 Conservative Blog

Well this was a big fooken surprise.

Apparently while I was busy being absent most of the time over the past two months, you readers ... you crazy beautiful racist teabagging mongrels you, everyone ... secretly (WITHOUT MY DAMNED PERMISSION!) nominated FYADHD for the 2010 Top Conservative Blog Award sponsored by BestBloggers and Online Phd Programs (I'll take a Masters in Snarkology, thank you very much).

Break out the KKK hats!

Get yer racist Tea Party signs!

Send Harry Reid a brain and Barack Obama a plane ticket home and Nancy Pelosi an inflatable raft with a pin hole and tell her she's been awarded a vacation on the Pacific.

I'm humbled, you bastards, especially since I've recently posted with the regularity of a job that's been saved or created.

And apparently I need to get busy with yer daily fill of snark. I'll do my best, but you know that already, otherwise you wouldn't have been so fooken incredible to get FYADHD on this list.

I'll forever be grateful.

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