Wednesday, February 10, 2010

UPDATE: What Will We Ever Do Without Orange Hot Pants and Boobs?

This. Can't. Happen. You've heard of Save the Ta-tas. I'm officially launching a Save the Hooters campaign. Because boobs and fried food and copious amounts of beer mean that much to America.

Just click on my profile in the sidebar and drop me an email with your PayPal account login info and I'll take care of the rest.

H/T: Snarkandboobs at IOTW

From the NY Post (emphasis mine):
Hooters is rattling its cans on Wall Street.

The Atlanta-based "breast-aurant" chain -- famous for the scantily clad waitresses who serve up its burgers and spicy wings -- is beckoning prospective buyers, sources told The Post.

Hooters has recently shopped itself to a number of private-equity firms as sales have sagged with the recession, sources said. The closely held company, meanwhile, is in advanced talks with a Connecticut-based investor that has been granted certain rights of refusal on any potential transaction, according to one source.

UPDATE: Hilariously, Hooters' CEO Colby Brooks is scheduled to appear on the Feb. 14 edition of "Undercover Boss." Do you suppose his Valentine's Day surprise for his employees might be to reveal that his ultimate fantasy would be to become a Hooters' girl, especially when he looks one?


Bunni said...

When I win the Power Ball tonight, I will buy it for you SB!
You can have all the wings, cans, jugs, and beer you want!

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Wings and Jugs - That just about sums up my definition of patriotism.

MK said...

Good luck with the campaign Snarky, we don't have those out here.

Woodsterman said...

God bless wings, beer, and BOOBS !

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