Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obama's Healthcare Trap

Posted on behalf of Jamie.

Now that The One we’ve been waiting for has put out His own healthcare talking points, you have to wonder why the Republicans are bothering to go to the White House on Thursday… Barack Hussein Obama (Mmm, mmm, mmm) only wants to discuss what’s in His plan. So much for the free exchange of ideas… It’s just more of Him focusing like a laser on jobs, jobs, jobs (which isn’t His responsibility either).


Brooke said...

Great pic, and The Big Lie is dead-on what Obama is doing! 

Ron Russell said...

The only jobs that Obama is worried about are his and his buddies on capital hill--your job and my job are secondary in Obama's world!

theLibertyPen said...

Excellent pic, I guess the Counterfeit Prince won't be satisfied until he has ripped the last nickel from our pockets. 

Woodsterman said...

Change ? what's changed ?

Bunni said...

The only change we got is what's jingling around in our bank accounts, Chump Change. >:o
The Repubs better grow a spine and give these liars an earfull tomorrow.

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