Saturday, February 27, 2010

Al Gore's 30 Pieces of Silver

The wheels are finally coming off the Global Warming bus. Revelations that the data proving the "hockey stick" warming disappeared fom Dr. Jones sock drawer and manipulated temperature readings from across the globe have rocked the AGW movement. Scientists are either scrambling for excuses or have climbed into Maxwell Smart's "Cone of Silence." Al Gore is among the latter, he ain't saying squat as people throw the AGW bus's lugnuts at him.

On Tuesday, Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe -- a prominent skeptic of global warming theory and the Republican leader of the Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee -- issued a request for Gore to come testify on global warming. In an interview with, Inhofe said he wants Gore to appear because "it will be interesting to ask him on what science he based his movie," a film the senator considers "science fiction."

Gore has yet to respond, but that didn't prevent him from causing a stir at Apple's shareholder meeting Thursday. According to CNET, Gore was seated in the first row while several stockholders bashed his high-profile views on climate change. One reportedly said Gore "has become a laughingstock. The glaciers have not

Gore did not reply, and he has not commented on his blog or Twitter feed.

George Bush denied Gore his opportunity to wreck AGW havoc on the planet in 2000. So Gore went ahead on his own instead and made a few tens of millions for himself at the same time.

I have s sugggestion for Gore...


Woodsterman said...

Al Whore ... What an Ass ...

The Kid said...

Yea, this is not trivial.  THink of all the money down the drain that could have been used for something constructive.  Think of the increased numbers of starving people due to spurious and absurd rises in food costs because of the corn ethanol craze for example.  Al Gore literally is a murderer and a thief of greater proportion than ANY theft in recorded history.  We need to find a way to sue his ass into poverty.  At the least.  Personally, I think he should be sentenced to death for his crimes.  I'm serious.

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