Friday, January 20, 2012

Marc Lamont Hill: A Black Taskmaster for the Democratic Party

I think this country needs to relish the days when a black man recognized the significance of the Republican Party, when real black men like Martin Luther King and Jackie Robinson recognized that the party of Lyndon Baines Johnson intended to enslave them for the next 100 years.

Because the black man of the 21st Century who identifies himself as a Democrat is nothing more than a sycophant, a willing shill for the Master, the Democratic Machine, provided he gets, in the common parlance of the ghetto -- no matter what color you are -- "paid."

Nowhere else is this more evidenced than by Fox News black poster child, aka Columbia University associate professor Marc Lamont Hill, who dishonestly asks, "Why do white Republican candidates hate poor people?"

Yet put him to the task to back up his sweeping generalities -- his, dare I be racist and say, "stereotyping" of "white people" (since Republicans are all, you know, white people) -- Marc Lamont Hill is as silent as every black woman who ever rode in the back of a bus before Rosa Parks. But not because he's scared; it's because he's a liberal professor with a cushy job who doesn't have the time of day to talk to people who don't share his skin color, unlike Mitt Romney.

I'll be the first to say that Mittens is not my candidate; I'll be the first to say there isn't ONE Republican in the 2012 field who is my candidate. I'm growing to be a grumpy old man before my time, middle-aged, stagnant in his profession, and tired of seeing the lesser of two evils as the path to prosperity for America. But I'm a realist, and anybody but Obama put to the grindstone by a Republican Senate and House in 2013 looks better than King I'll-Do-It-With-Or-Without-Congress, be it Mittens or Newt or the ghost of Ronald Reagan.

But when you ask a man to own up to his statements, when you tell a man who questions the integrity of Republican candidates -- and therefore Republican voters -- to own up to what he says, and he hasn't the time of day to respond, you start to wonder.

I mean it's not too unreasonable to respond to this: "Hey Doc, I don't have enough human digits to count the poor conservatives I know. How's your thesis now?" It does, after all, put him on the spot: I'm not black, I'm poor, and I'm conservative. Just how in the world could I be so damned wrong?

Moreover, if Mr. Hill is going to call into question the credibility of Republican candidates, he's more than open game for someone calling his credibility into question: "Don't you think that grand, sweeping, untruthful statements about 'cons hating the poor' are disingenuous?'"

But that's the point. He doesn't have to respond to questions about what he says. He's a black man; there's a black man in the White House. How on earth could he go wrong? Nevermind that the "black man" in the White House just shut down a major opportunity for Americans to have jobs (which has his precious labor unions so pissed they want to storm the White House) in an economic climate where the "unemployment rate" is dropping simply because people -- black, brown, green, orange, white, yellow -- have given up looking for jobs. It's Hill's stump, and he's a swashbuckling liberal New York professor with a fast-talking mouth ... and a brain the size of a peanut.

And I dont' fault him. It's a Brave New World. Why the Democrats have just proposed to establish a Reasonable Profits Board. Wesley Mouch would be proud. (If you're uninitiated, the Mouch reference is from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged -- and you're living it.) But if Marc Lamont Hill were honest -- really honest -- he'd tell you that the next time you see a black liberal castigating Republicans of any sort on TV, it's only because his media fame pays him better in the long run than his day job. In other words, Marc Lamont Hill hates you, Whitey. In fact, just read his Twitter feed to see how racist he really is. He is, after all, cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal's publisher.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Ron Paul Is a Fucking Hypocrite

The 2012 GOP field is about as appealing as a bloated corpse.

You have the Massachusetts Moderate, who's really a liberal; the Philandering Head, who's really a liberal; the Sanctimonious Arlen Sphincter Protege, who has about as much chance to win the nomination as Barney Frank has at picking up a girl; the Texan, who couldn't remember what federal department he'd eliminate and isn't fit to sit behind the red button that could obliterate us all, probably because he'd forget where he left it; and you have the Great Libertarian Hope.

Let's take a goooooooddddd look at that last one, Ron Paul, the fucking hypocrite, the favorite of crackpots, the KKK's David Duke and other anti-Semites, Occupy Wall Street, and general chemtrail-fearing tinfoil-hat lunatics.

Still want to vote for Ron Paul? Consider his litany of hypocrisy...

His donors are Big Insurance, Big Banking, Big Medicine, Big Financial Services, and Big Beer, though he rails against them every chance he gets.

He has about as much fiscal sense as a retard trying to hump a doorknob, which lumps him among the fiscal conservatism of 99% of CongressCriminals.

The great, white, "let's cut this department and that department and spend tax money the way the Constitution intended" hope, is one of only four House Republicans to request earmarks in the 2001 budget (good thing there never actually was a 2011 budget). In fact, he is the earmark king; he can do anything.

Mr. Anti-Wall Street made over a whopping $1 million off Wall Street between 2008 and 2009, when everyone else's 401K and Stock Market portfolio came crashing back to the ground, showing us all that our life savings was merely hopeless change.

The candidate who never changes his position is about as big a flip-flopper as Mittens.

He can't control the racist, homophobic, and blatant hypocritical crap that comes out of his own camp; how do you think he'll be able to control what comes out of his White House?

Go ahead and scream from the rooftops about Ron Paul being the closest thing to the Founders since Thomas Jefferson said the minute people like Ron Paul get elected, we might as well slit our wrists. The fact is, in a field of hypocritical candidates, Ron Paul turns out to be just another colossal liar -- and far more dangerous -- than anyone else not named Barack Obama.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Paulbot Creed

#1. Be Arrogant
#2. Be Condescending
#3. Be self-important
#4. Be self-righteous
#5. Tout your superior intellect to help overcome your lack of self-confidence (see numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 then go straight to #15).
#6. Give slippery rhetorical answers to straight questions
#7. Hide/Ignore or spin Ron Paul’s congressional record of 23 Years in Congress, creating 620 bills of which 4 made it to the floor and only one became law.
#8. When cornered and have no truthful or direct response, spout angry, non-topic rhetoric as an answer, then see #19.
#9. Hide your democrat voting status from the public & pretend you're a republican.
#10. Blame everyone else, never take credit for a problems like Barrack Obama because we are closet Ultra-Liberals
#11. Berate and/or belittle your opponent whenever losing an argument, then see #19
#12. Blame America for the world hating the US and act like an Arab Psychiatrist/Pathologist when promoting the 9/11 Jihad conspiracy.
#13. Be courteous and direct others to their local cable or satellite channel that carries reruns of Conspiracy theory with Jesse “You deserve to lose a few” Ventura.
#14. Copy and paste data from whatever unreliable source you can find to try and validate your argument.
#15. Avoid/ignore any or all valid retort or facts that invalidate your agenda at all costs or whenever possible. (Go back to #6)
#16. Create a fictitious Facebook persona to hide your true identity like our Anarchist/OWS cousins.
#17. Make cowardly drive-by hit and run comment and/or “like” a fellow Paulbot’s hit and run comment.
#18. Bait adversaries by commenting/posting irrelevant points and/or points you were making during your last debate with someone totally different on another topic all together without looking like you are arguing with yourself. Try to avoid looking foolish at all costs.
#19. Scurry over to your nearest Ron Paul thread and alert other bots to join you and that you require assistance because you’re losing your delusional Liberal arguments. Then medicate, repeat, put on your drool bib and go back to marching in the paper slipper brigade.
#20. Follow #18 and 19 to the letter, then surround your opponent and take cheap pot-shots from your behind your fictitious Facebook persona (See #9 and #16).
#21. Before debating, avoid getting fecal matter in or behind your ears when removing your head from your rectum. This will be particularly useful when listening to CD’s of “Dr” Paul in your Toyota Prius.
#22. When casting your ballot for “Dr” Paul during online polls, remember to clear your cookies then repeat. Do this as many times as your fingers will allow or until the next episode of Colbert Reports, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, or your Mother calls down to the basement stairs to tell you that “dinner is ready”.

Revised; January 5, 2012
By Scott Sawyer

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