Thursday, February 18, 2010

BREAKING: Republican Smear Tactics Exposed!

Ok, whatever, so apparently this so-called "Amy Bishop" is an "Obama supporter," right? They are trying to attack us on the left by labeling "her" a crazy, gun-toting Barack Obama supporter. I thought this was fishy when I first looked into it, and it turns out that my suspicions were well-founded -- "she" is not a liberal at all! In fact, "she" is actually Johnny Ramone, the well noted MALE conservative punk-rocker! We cannot allow this travesty of justice to continue. Johnny Ramone has faked his own death and now is trying to frame Barrack Obama, our President, and THE MEDIA IS LETTING HIM GET AWAY WITH IT.

Thank you,


Matt said...

This type of hard hitting investigative work is what brings me back to your posts, Candle.  I bet Bush planned this himself. 

Candle said...

Thanks ! :)

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