Friday, February 26, 2010

Liars, Theives, and Clowns #3

Posted on behalf of Jamie

Mymood Ahminajihad says that he wants nukes for nuclear power… coincidentally, so does Barack Hussein Obama (Mmm, mmm, mmm)… Do you believe either one?

No matter how deep the evidence is stacked, Nancy Pelosi continues to lie about being briefed by CIA about EIT’s…

Poor Zero. He forgot to learn in school that listening requires keeping his mouth shut.


Woodsterman said...

You guys really know how to ruin a guys whole day. You posted those two America hating ass-wipes in the same post. :-P

Karen Howes said...

Great photoshops, as usual. :)

Jamie said...

What a pair, huh?

Bunni said...

Excellent post once again SB & Jamie....that last pic is a cornucipia of dunceness.
Sorry I haven't been around much SB, this week has been crazy, and I still have
lots of biz stuff to attend to.

MK said...

I believe that speaker, er make that, whiner pelosi forgot the truth a long time ago and wouldn't know it if it kicked her in the ass.

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