Friday, January 9, 2009

Obnoxio the Friggin’ Loony Clown

I’m pretty friggin’ whacked so there aren’t many I’d bow down to and anoint as more nutty than I am…well…I did write that hero worship about Iowahawk a while back. But I’m also American, so that leaves me at a disadvantage, having been born with a stick up my arse, as they like to say across the pond.

That’s why I go over there now and then and visit a few anti-government types who REALLY know a lot about lunacy. It keeps my power dry…I can only read so much blathering idiocy here about the Messiah, and write the words “the Messiah,” so many times without wanting to ram a rusty pitch fork up my nose to get it all over with fast. (I’ve worked it out in the garage…there’d be a little pain, but trading 5 to 10 seconds of self-inflicted excrutiation in lieu of the next 4 to 8 years of Solyent Green is utterly friggin’ tempting…Ssh! Don’t tell Mrs. ADHD!)

But THIS f%$ker (sorry if you’re squeamish, but you’ll understand in just a second) is the nut of the nuts, the top clown. I can’t go a day without visiting, if for nothing more than just to spit a mouthful of Fuller’s all over my LCD screen (I’ve rigged up a set of wipers…no lie). If you don’t like trashy mouths…just click back now. If you DO…man…turn up the volume (in your head, you twat).

Why are kids afraid of him? They need to be, that’s friggin’ why. And I’m absolutely flipping I found him.


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