Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Oath...Take 2...Good Lord, How Long Will This Go On?

Once wasn't enough for The One. After Justice John Roberts butchered delivering the oath to President Barack Hussein Obama yesterday...he had to do it the White House.

Apparently several constitutional scholars, law abiding and deriding citizens that they are, advised the president he'd potentially suffer a legal challenge (from whom, Biden?) if he didn't do it right. When all else fails, always avoid the lawsuit. That's my motto (right up there with I Hate).

So...they spent your money and mine today (what's a few more bucks when you spent $150 million the day before?) to do it all over again, without the 1 million, 2 million, 500 googillian viewers, right there in the office that Michelle Obama, in her infinite bedspread taste, will no doubt redesign (as one of the major accomplishments of the president's first 100 days, of course!). After all, it was only last week that Slick admired George's rug. Perhaps better to languish on.

So on Day 1...we're treated with "the law" and a super-abundance of caution.

Where have I heard all this "change" before?

UPDATE: But there was no Bible. Fodder for talkshow commentary for the next 4 years.


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