Thursday, April 9, 2009

Robert Gibbs Moment o' the Day: Bowgate

A series on b. Hussein's rumbling, bumbling, fumbling, stumbling Press Secretary Robert "Ahhhhh" Gibbs....

Ah, the beauty of bait and switch, deny deny deny, followup a fact presented to you with snark and contempt and arrogance.

Such is the world of Gibbsy. No...he didn't bow to King Abdullah last week. The president is taller. He was "bent over with both hands to shake his hand...."

Except that this image indicates otherwise:

Gibbsy the Arrogant continues: "I think this meeting was a week ago, right? I can only imagine it is a great cause of concern to many people struggling with the economy."

Well, Mr. press secretary. It might weigh even heavier on their minds that you can't even answer a simple question with a simple answer when it comes to Geithner, Porkulus, Bowgate, or just about any other friggin' thing you're asked about.

Oh...that's right. I forgot. Nothing to see here. Move along. Never mind that guy with the knife sneaking up behind you.

BTW: for a great story by montage of b. Hussein "shaking hands with shorter people," go here.


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