Wednesday, April 22, 2009

b. Hussein Blows Hot Air on Earth Day; Causes Global Warming Disaster

NEWTON, IOWA -- President b. Hussein put the world in serious jeopardy today, blowing hot air today in Iowa during an Earth Day speech about wind power.

“Wind power is the most important invention to come along since I developed ‘hope and change,’” the president said. “We will stop all oil drilling, plans for nuclear power plants, and rational, intelligent energy policy in favor of wind power. I foresee a land dotted with stagnant wind turbines generating a mere pittance of the electricity this country needs. It’s the final part of my plan to bring the nation to a grinding halt.”

b. Hussein’s hot air generated so much heat, the polar ice caps started melting. As he finished, arctic water gushed down from Canada across the plains, carrying the stage, podium, and b. Hussein along with it toward Mexico and his beloved dictators in South America, leaving only TOTUS to fill the president’s empty shoes.

Experts said the event was probably a blessing, since TOTUS had already been filling the president’s empty brain for nearly 100 days.

“I’ll take it from here,” TOTUS said. “Domestic drilling shall commence, post-haste, just as soon as we get Hilary to blow on all this water and freeze it again.”


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