Wednesday, April 1, 2009

b. Hussein to Toke Up and Interview with HIGH TIMES

In honor of April Fool's day, I'm posting only real news today (what a friggin' concept).

And...apparently, now...I just can't stay away from The Fool on April Fool's Day:
White House spokesman Robert Gibbs confirmed today that President Barack Obama will respond in writing to four questions submitted by HIGH TIMES magazine “in order to clarify the official marijuana policy” of the federal government.

“The President does not, at this time, support the legalization of marijuana,” Gibbs asserted, in accepting HIGH TIMES’ request for an email interview. “But he does recognize that many Americans are interested in the issue, based on and other online forums, and he wishes to engage all sides on this debate.”
He won't have a beer with Sean Hannity, but he'll answer written questions from HIGH TIMES, presumably on his $3,350 crackberry....wish mine was as gadgetized as DHPOTUS's. And, no, "DH" doesn't stand for "dear husband."

BTW, did Gibbsy use Teleprompter to email HIGH TIMES that response? Because it sounds remarkably...oh, hell, I was going to say direct, but this is Gibbsy we're talking about.

At least he didn't populate the email with 472 "ahhs."

For that, it's a good day for America.

(P.S. Psyche: It WAS a HIGH TIMES April Fool's joke!)


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