Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hey, Keith Olbermann: I'll Raise Your Challenge

Sean Hannity, who (like me) thinks waterboarding helped our intelligence thwart a September 11th style attack on Los Angeles, said on his show the other night that he would subject himself to waterboarding and donate the proceeds to the families of soldiers. MSNBC gas bag Keith Olbermann has challenged Hannity to do it for cash. I have a challenge of my own for Olbermann.

Herr Foulwind claims he'll pay $1,000 to Hannity's charity for every second Hannity gets waterboarded. I don't have the stomach to post his stupid rant on these precious pages, neat and clean and family oriented as they are, but if you want to listen to him whine, be my guest.

I'd like to up the challenge. Olbermann, I'll get waterboarded, and you can donate the proceeds to my favorite cause: Tie Keith Olbermann Down Among Mexican Pigs With Swine Flu.

But I have one condition: While I do it, you have to sit in the window of a building, strapped to a chair, while Khalid Sheikh Mohammed flies an airplane at you.


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