Monday, April 13, 2009

The New Bloodthirstiness...oh...Wait...Will I Break a Nail?

The lefty spl(spluge)oggers are really going down on b. Hussein for his handling of The Five Day Pirate War!

But, as Captain...arghhh!...Jules Crittenden points out:
Three dead pirates do not a military campaign or strategy or doctrine make, and Obama despite the tough talk has yet to demonstrate that he is willing to hunt pirates down. In fact, news reports indicate the dithering has already begun. Never mind that. I just want to say I’m thrilled with the handwringing, Kumbayah-singing, peacenik left’s new enthusiasm for swift, extra-judicial 7.62 justice by executive order, and the lack of calls for human rights investigations, prosecutions, etc.
Not to mention, O'Bugger (thanks, Steamboat, you loon) wasn't even the one to make the call for deadly force.

Swift justice trained professionals, words we can never use to describe our fearless hump of a leader.


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