Thursday, April 16, 2009

Obama's Opiate

Quin Hillyer, over at AmSpec, has some meaty words for Der Führer this morning:
Let's cut through all of Barack Obama's baloney. His speech on the economy at Georgetown University on Tuesday was a testament to the massive ego of a callow leader with grandiose pretensions bordering on megalomania. Everything he outlined in his vision for a near-Utopian economic future is designed to come about through the intervention of a government central planner -- his own Oneself -- combined with the coercive force of government to make it happen. It's a promise of economic growth at the point of a gun, at least tacit if not explicit -- and all as if some genius in the Oval Office or elsewhere in Washington has the wherewithal to know exactly how and where to "invest" and to "regulate" and to "stimulate" and to "reform" (the latter meaning, in most cases, to have government either take over something or else kill something it currently considers politically incorrect).
That's friggin' outstanding!


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