Monday, April 6, 2009

The Righteous Retribution of Barack the Barbarian

Mute and clad in a fur loincloth and armed with an ax...the dickhead-in-charge roams the streets of the America he created...or ruined.

"All new! Death-duel with the Screeching Enchantress!"

"Drafted: One Hundred Days of Shit!"

He's a "man the world never got to see achieve his true greatness when a race from beyond the stars drafted our planet into intergalactic war" because he fucked it all up with his socialist policies and took down the missile defense system and sent us all spinning into the oblivion of abject poverty.

Next up: "The Most Intelligent Man in the World Wonders Why He's a Friggin' Idiot."

UPDATE: So...if a character threatens his life, will the Secret Service show up in the next issue and haul him or her away?

Lots of images here.


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