Monday, March 9, 2009

"Ahh....about that....ummm....Socialist Question"

Um...ahh...anyone...ahh...seen my phone? I need to call a reporter...I'm obsessing about something silly.

Since when does the president of the United States of America even have enough time to call a reporter back to debate the seriousness of a question about whether or not he's a socialist?

On a flight from Ohio to Washington on Friday, Mr. Obama was asked whether his domestic policies suggested that he was a socialist, as some conservatives have implied.

“The answer would be no,” he said, laughing for a moment before defending his administration for “making some very tough choices” on the budget.

As the interview progressed, Mr. Obama never returned to the question. When he called, he said he had been thinking about it as he boarded the helicopter taking him back to the White House.

“It was hard for me to believe that you were entirely serious about that socialist question,” Mr. Obama said from the Oval Office. [With many "ahhs" and "umms" removed from the printed version, of course.]
I would think a president facing a serious economic disaster that has gotten much, much worse in stark coincidence to 7 weeks of his loony policies and fear-mongering rhetoric (don't blame it on "the previous watch," you idiot) would have more important things to do...oh...I stuffing a dirty sock in Warren Buffett's mouth.

[Sanity Check: b. Hussein was flying back from Ohio after celebrating 25 jobs Porkulus saved...TWENTY-FIVE. Wow, that's great policy!]

You can umm...ahh...umm....all you want, but the question NY Times reporter Peter Baker (surprisingly, I admit!) asked you last week was reasonable and more than legitimate.

Oh...and...ah..ummm...don't tell me that saving some rat in California with my money is "following free market principles."

You get dumber by the day, b. Hussein. Dumber by the day.
Baker, meanwhile, responds here.


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