Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Regulations Concerning b. Hussein's Teleprompter -- Tenet #2

An installment in a recurring series governing TOTUS, the president's teleprompter....

Pay the Messiah compliments.

His live love-ins with America are really getting boring, TOTUS. Last night's reality TV was so mundane I could almost hear the paint peeling on the walls behind him.

You simply must liven things up for b. Hussein a bit. Intermittently flash little messages on your screen, such as:
You sound great tonight, sir, even when you're not reading from my screen.
Here's another:
I heard only two "ahs" in that last response, sir. Your speech therapy is really paying off!
It's particularly important to stoke his ego, now that the luster is wearing off for the American people.


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