Sunday, March 15, 2009

Amazing Transformer "Flashlight" Machine Gun

Here's something completely different, something you don't get to see...or do...every day.

Let's say you're taking your dog for a walk. It's late. You've got your "flashlight."

"Things get nasty. You can get down to business" ... with the FMG 9 (for 9mm) "security flashlight" folding machine gun.

It folds up and fits right in your back pocket. Sadly, it's just a prototype, says Drake Clark, MagPul's PR dude...for now.

But I still want one!

Check out Clark's demo:


Anonymous said...

When I saw this, I immediately thought of the Mattel Agent Zero M Radio Rifle, a
nasty folding toy from the 1960s.  There was also a movie camera that converted into a pistol, a fat pocket knife that also turned into a pistol....and the Sonic Blaster Zero.  A bazooka.  Didn't turn into anything--but trouble!!   Cool toys all, and politically correct for the times.

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