Thursday, March 26, 2009

Regulations Concerning b. Hussein’s Teleprompter - Tenet #3

An installment in a recurring series governing TOTUS, the president's teleprompter....

TOTUS, I’m beginning to detect a serious stream of Obama-speak spewing from the White House and b. Hussein’s cabinet members.

We’ve put great trust in your ability to lead, as not only the president’s linguist but also his intelligence. You have great responsibility to ensure the words he speaks actually say something.

Tenet #3 governing your actions, therefore, is decreed as follows:
Avoid providing b. Hussein with colloquial clichés devoid of meaning, aimed at rewriting contemporary history, devaluing the very real potential of external (and internal) threats, and generally further lulling the Messiah’s followers into submission.

Forget using “overseas contingency operation” when you really want the president to say “war.”

Dump “man-caused disaster” when the president should be saying “terrorism.”
You will want to share this decree with the others in the Teleprompter Service, so the correct terminology reaches all levels of the federal government and we can avoid the spread of Obama incompetence disease.


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