Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Confidence Builder in Chief," My ASS

When I served in the U.S. Army (which you NEVER did, b. Hussein...hell...we can't even truthfully say you're an American citizen), we had a simple and declarative and vital statement that pretty much governed everything we did, 24/7:
"Lead, follow, or get the fuck out of the way."
I've watched you for, how long now?...51, 52 days ? (I'm no math major, so screw it if I'm wrong)...

But, from my assessment, your qualities of leading and following are less than desirable:
  • A stock market that's just grappling onto any "good news," to use today's words of the Liar-in-Chief, to rally for rallying's sake, because it's badly needed. (Two good days out of 52 for the Dow does not a bull market make, even by this dipshit investor's observations. Citi had tens of billions of our money to spend, Mr. President...of course they're turning a profit. You claim "it's not as bad as we thought..." so you can continue your socialist degradation of this fine country that I WAS BORN IN, though you were not...but you're still a friggin' liar.) put it another way: Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  • A housing market that is still plummeting, as we may now be seeing layoff foreclosures after we had bad debt foreclosures. Do you honestly think we've seen the end of layoffs and foreclosures, which begs a deeper question: If W. was "The Idiot President," does that make you "The Dumber President"...if you can even follow my Dumb and Dumber analogy?)
  • A president who plans to spend upwards of $4 BILLION next year on the midst of a deep recession (and a growing deficit) that you yourself have repeatedly called the worst in 70 years...a budget your own party is beginning to grumble about?????
  • The developing disintegration of relations with the U.K., one of the few nations to realize the perils of the Muslim problem (probably because English law has recently been so P.C. as to lay the path for Muslims to pretty much take over that grand island).
  • The potential of turning our backs on Israel, in the interest of making friends with not only those of the Muslim faith...but also TERRORISTS in the name of the Muslim faith.
  • The refusal to admit that we are fighting a worldwide (including within our own borders) "War on Terror," which, my dumber friend, makes you a complete idiot for misunderstanding 2,000 years of the Muslim desire to see us dead...and not by natural causes.
  • Fill in the blank______________, because I'm certain I left out about 2 billion stupid b. Hussein moves, thoughts, and consequences from this list....
I'm just one isolated nutty freak with a keyboard and high-speed connection posting here, but for you to be called the "confidence builder in chief (emphasis on lower case)," from where I sit...after listening to you drive the market down, down, and down; after listening to you say "a time of crisis can be a time of great opportunity"; after watching you roll out idiotic spending plan after idiotic spending plan, tax "cuts" that really mean tax hikes, "cap and trade" that your average Obamabot wouldn't even come close to understanding, and the smoke and mirrors of "crisis" and change...I think I'm more than educated to make this assessment:

Your first 52 days make the Clinton's first 100 days look professional. And they really were rednecks. What's your excuse?

I happen to know: You are, indeed, a socialist. And you are, indeed, trying to turn "crisis into opportunity."

So...that begs the question...when will you get the fuck out of the way? Keep it up...the 2012 ticker is counting down.


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