Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Greatest Swimmer... Ftfthfthfthftfhfth... Cough!... Cough!... in the World

TV Ad Pitchman: "To be the greatest swimmer in the world, Michael Phelps doesn’t just train every day, he smokes…"

Michael Phelps: "Hawaii Maui Waui, skunk red hair, Thai stick, and purple haze…"

Ad man: "And smokes…"

Phelps: "Hash, free base, tons of angel dust…"

Ad man: "And smokes…"

Phelps: "Seriously -- smoking around the clock…"

Ad man: "Anything he can stuff in his bong…"

Phelps: "Citrus buds, California bud, Afghani. I was told I was supposed to smoke like 10,000 to 12,000 grams a day. That’s impossible. (But I sure do try…I’m a regular Tommy Chong…I even smoke dog shit!)."

Ad man: "The Michael Phelps three-month suspension…showing nowhere."

UPDATE: don't care if he smokes...or if it's illegal. I'm just making fun of his golden-boy image. We all fall. Some just more publicly.


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