Sunday, February 1, 2009

Instant Stimulus: Get Tax-Cheat Democrats to Pay up

Tom Daschole, former Senate majority leader and equally as hideous as Nancy Pelosi, was a little late on some taxes. And he didn’t tell President (then -elect) b. Hussein he owed the IRS $128,000 until a month after he was nominated for secretary of Health and Human Services.

Daschole paid his bill in January.

b. Hussein isn’t concerned the issue will derail Daschole’s bid for upping the growing size of the federal work force.

"The, ah…hmmm…that guy in the White House?…oh yeah…the president has confi…confi… confi…well… he really friggin’ strongly believes… that Senator Daschole is the right person to lead the fight for health care reform," Obama's illiterate press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said yesterday when the news broke. (Hey Gibbs, you simpleton, WTF does b. Hussein’s “confidence” and health care reform have to do with $140,000 in tax arrears?)

Well, Gibbs said, Daschole promises to pay all sick people’s medical bills as penance. (I’m just kidding, but wouldn’t it be nice?)

b. Hussein’s other tax flunky, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, was confirmed last week even though he was late in paying $34,000 in Social Security taxes -- you know that money in a “lock box” that’s been pilfered from for years, and that those of us younger taxpayers will NEVER see?

And Joe the Plumber was excoriated for owing the state of Ohio a piddling $1,200. Aww…so they couldn’t afford a couple loads of cinder for the icy roads this winter because he didn’t pay.

Here’s an idea for economic stimulus…let’s have the IRS look at every federal employee’s tax records dating back 20 years, particularly every political appointee and every Democrat. I’m betting they’ll find $800 billion missing from the government’s coffers faster than a Republican would be booted out of town for owing the government a dime.

Voila! Instant friggin’ stimulus.

UPDATE: See my point?


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