Friday, February 20, 2009

Bumbling Gibbs Responds To Santelli

Hey, Robert...the American people think you're a friggin' jackass illiterate crackpot who's helping drive Wall Street down...down...down...and down.

Go frig yourself, and your boss...I'm with Rick Santelli.

UPDATE: And Rick responds.

Or...a less-caffeinated version:

UPDATE II: And CNBC's roundtable discussion on Santelli and the White House response. (P.S. Shhhh! They think Rick is right (as in correct)!

UPDATE III: And shithead socialist Keith Olbermann...who took the attack route and misREPRESENTED Santelli's arguments...probably because he has a great tax shelter in the Cayman's for his friggin' "big business against poor American."

What "businessmen" (i.e. bankers, Mr. Olbermann) did to this country is exactly what the Democrats wanted them to do to this country. I call upon you, Mr. Dickhead, to come forward and bailout a few homeowners yourself.....(silence)....Yeah...I thought that'd be your response.


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