Sunday, February 1, 2009

And Then There Was One

Here's to the top of the mountain.

Sure, we waste too much money following this gawdy, glitzy sport. Sure, we waste too many hours every Sunday (or Monday, or Thursday, and sometimes Saturday) watching our favorite team.

But there's nothing sweeter than seeing the team you live for, through ups and downs, bad days and good days, and down 3 with little time left, pull out one of the great Super Bowl victories, by the tippy toes.

Thanks, Santonio (even if you do like to drive with a little pot in your car).

Make that 6-TIME Super Bowl champs...more than anyone.

Here's to the fans who follow the Steelers, those who travel to see every game and those who haven't lived in Pittsburgh for years, even 20 years or more...because you can't get that city out of your heart...and you'll NEVER root for another team.



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