Thursday, February 12, 2009

(8) Bad Friggin' Decisions

What's worse than having no job, mooching off the government and your parents in their three-bedroom house, AND having 6 kids with no father?

Having no job, mooching off the government and your parents in their three-bedroom house, having 14 kids with no father, AND ripping off compassionate (read: DUMB!) people.

Yes, Nadya Suleman, who TMZ calls "OctoMom," as in this headline (accompanying the above image)...
OctoMom -- It Was a Very Goodyear has her very own website so she can, of course, take donations. (Is that Neil Young I hear singing "Welfare Mothers" in the background?)

She must be collecting money so that TMZ can catch her buying more video games with more of your money. (And so they can put forth more zingers like this one: "14 Wii controllers will run you $559.96." I am submitting my application for employment just as soon as I finish this post.)

The creepy Suleman doesn't think she's sucking on the government (welfare) teet. To follow her line of thinking, the $490 a month she receives in food stamps, and the federal disability payments she receives for 3 of her other 6 children, must be our gift to her.

And we keep giving.

The state of California...the BROKE state of California, mind you, the state that has instituted mandatory Fridays off without pay for state employees and given California taxpayers an IOU this year...will be into the Suleman octuplets for probably around $1 million for birth and aftercare (this, of course, is before Suleman changes her food stamp application and likely applies for further disability...because you know at least half of those 8 new kids are going to have behavior problems, since there's no way in hell she'll ever be able to mother them all equally). (not funny "haha," funny "faux pas"). know if Angelina Jolie is "creeped out" by someone...well...then she's REALLY friggin' creepy.


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