Monday, July 13, 2009

R.I.P.: TOTUS! The horror! The horror! The horror!

Could it be...murder?

ABC's Jake Tapper explains, via Hot Air:

Midway through his speech on urban and metropolitan policy in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building this afternoon, one of his two small glass prompters came crashing down, hitting the wood floor and crashing in many pieces. It made quite a ruckus.

“Oh, goodness,” a startled President Obama said. “Sorry about that, guys.”

He then proceeded on with his remarks, “To pull our economy back from the brink, including the largest and most sweeping economic recovery plan in our nation’s history…”

For the rest of the speech the president relied on the one remaining teleprompter, to his right, and notes on his podium to finish his speech.

Shards of glass remained near the president’s feet for the duration of his speech.

Did you get the underlying text? He wasn't even concerned...didn't even shed a tear...he just went on about his business, without any empathy at all. Where's Sonia Sotomayor when you need her!

The horror! The horror! The horror!

I demand a Senate investigation! The heinous affair was, after all, caught on film.


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