Sunday, July 5, 2009

Obama Collectible Crap No One Wants

The American Thinker points out today there's a bunch of Obama collectible crap out there that no one wants. Just type "Obama" into ebay and you'll get a long list of shit that people recognize is worthless.

I take that back...there was at least one bid for this item... you can enbiggen for the full effect:

I would have looked into this issue sooner, but buying Obama's crap hasn't been very high on my agenda, as most of you know. So here's a just a little sampling of stuff out there that no one else is buying...which, I'm guessing, means they're not buying the crap he's selling from the White House anymore, either.

Now, naturally...I wouldn't want a John McCain gargoyle either...principally because this one looks like The Grinch.

But a Barrack Obama gargoyle? Man, it's not even realistic...for instance, where are the horns and tail and forked tongue?

Speaking of shit that's untrue: who in their right mind would buy a button that says this?

I mean, one can take only so much bullshit.

And, really, you want bigger bullshit? Channel Martin Luther King, a lifelong Republican by the way, about this image below, and I'll bet you'll tap into a string of expletives ending with a resounding denunciation of Oprah's false Epiphany: "The muther just ain't 'The One.'"

After finding something like the above collectible, well, everything has to go downhill from here (the narrative line simply must track that way, you see). So let's start with these...which are especially useful for running the country into the ground, I'm told:

Then there are a million commemorative plates out there bearing the president's visage. I think the only thing I'd buy one for is to smash on the stoop of a new ward off the ghosts of plummeting property values and higher real estate taxes and impending stagflation.

Now, if you ask me, the only good reason to buy an Obama doll is to see if you can turn it into a voodoo doll will on at least one arm of the federal government.

But...alas...the real McCoy is no longer available (and, I apologize, but you WILL have to enbiggen this one yourself):

The funny thing is...the more rocks you turn over, the more likely you are to find something entirely unexpected, thanks to this fellow.

Well...I'm glad we can at least put that issue to rest, aren't you?


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